Guy Wilkinson

05/03/18 - Lucid dream about revisiting childhood room, looking through a toy box, loads of toys everywhere.

04/05/19 - A bedroom with old childhood toys in the background

05/03/18 - Lucid dream about being In a empty plane, stationary, on a air field. Standing in the aisle of the plane.

06/01/19- Standing in the aisle of a empty stationary plane.

06/03/18 - Lucid dream about a anti gun protest

24/03/18 - March for our lives anti gun protest, outside the U.S embassy in London.

06/03/18 - Lucid dream about walking down a corridor, clinical looking. Fluorescent lights on the ceiling. Like a hospital corridor.

22/06/18 - Walking down a hospital corridor.

06/03/18 - Lucid dream about walking down a beach with the sea on the left.

Date n/a - Walking down a beach with the sea on the left

06/03/18 - Lucid dream about walking around Tescos with a trolly filled with chocolate biscuits.

15/09/18 - Buying lots of chocolate biscuits in a shop. 

07/03/18 - Lucid dream about being at a family meal. Sitting around a table, the family are grieving a loss in the family. Lights start flickering, participant leaves the table to turn the lights on and off and notices that the light switch isn’t working. This causes the participant to become lucid.

From here on the participant uses her lucidity to change the topic of the conversation at the table, so it wasn’t about the family death but about something more up lifting. 

15/05/19 - Family who have experienced a loss, posing for the photograph.

08/03/18 - Lucid dream about looking at a spiral, swirly visual distortion. Flexes of colours bleeding in through the sides.

This visual was happening in-front of a elevator door - silver door.

Date n/a - Photograph of light being bent by a magnetic field, superimposed over a photograph of a silver elevator door.

08/03/18 - Lucid dream at a football game, in the crowd. Shrewsbury FC playing in a final at Wembley Stadium. Shrewsbury score - crowd goes wild. A flare gun goes off near the participant which causes him to become aware that he is dreaming.

Photographers note - The participant then went on to inform me that this dream is about a football game that he is anticipating going to, Shrewsbury Town vs Lincoln City
for the Checkatrade Trophy Final, at Wembley Stadium, on the 8th of April 2018.

08/04/18 - Shrewsbury Town vs Lincoln City for the Checkatrade Trophy Final, at Wembley Stadium.

09/03/18 - Lucid dream about driving a blue Tesla car through a desert.

09/06/18- Driving a Tesla Car

09/03/18 - Lucid dream about floating in white light, no body, formless, vibration, sense that the surrounding atmosphere is pulsating, breathing.

Photographers note - This is not an un-common experience for lucid dreamers and it’s known as ‘the void’. It’s regularly described
and experienced as a state in-between dreams, after a dream has collapsed and before a new dream has appeared. 

Date n/a - Photogram made by shining light through a stone.

Photographers note - This photogram is a close visual representation of a void experience that I once had.
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