'Meditation' is a project that presents a diverse series of portraits of people meditating across the country, as a means to provoke thought about our being, whilst also aiming to emphasise wholeness.

'Meditation' also includes photographs of the places and surrounding environments in which the portraits were taken.

Portraits of all kinds of people, in all kinds of places, all meditating.

The project took just under three years to complete and in total 160 portraits were taken.

'Meditation' looks to put this perspective of wholeness into action by helping to raise funds for two food banks in my home city, The Norwich Soup Movement and The Peoples' Picnic

If you'd like to donate to The Norwich Soup Movement and The People's Picnic and/or want to find out more about the food banks and their cause, then please click on the 'Donate' option below. Here you'll be able to read about and donate directly towards the charities’ joint goal of opening a hostel in Norwich, to further help and support the city’s homeless and in need.

The live exhibition for 'Meditation' opened in Norwich on 10th of November 2017 for four days. Visitors could donate as much or as little as they liked as an entrance fee, and in total, along with some Norwich Soup Movement merchandise sales, the exhibition raised just over £300.

This online presentation of the exhibition hopes to encourage further donations to help support the fantastic work of The Norwich Soup Movement and The Peoples' Picnic.

Any donations received are hugely appreciated and go towards a great cause.

Thank you for your time.


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